Donor Spotlight: PMI Minnesota Chapter


09 April 2018

Published inPM Philanthropist (archived)

Group photo of members of the PMI Minnesota Chapter

Most often, our Donor Spotlight focuses on one or two individuals who have been touched by the PMIEF mission and have chosen to generously give to support its path to changing lives. But this month, we are featuring not a few individuals, but an estimated 3,600 of them. It’s the Minnesota Chapter of the Project Management Institute.  
This active PMI chapter covers one of the biggest geographical regions in the world, including all of Minnesota, two-thirds of North Dakota and parts of western Wisconsin.  But more important than the size of this chapter, is the extent of their generosity and commitment to project management education through PMIEF.  

More than 10 years ago, the Project Management Institute Minnesota Chapter (PMI–MN) provided an endowed gift to PMIEF for the Robert Yourzak Scholarship. In fact, the PMI-MN chapter was one of the first chapters to grant PMIEF endowment funds. In 2017, the PMI-MN board voted to provide another endowed gift to PMIEF, in the form of the PMI Minnesota Chapter Scholarship which becomes active this year. It is open to all students pursuing graduate or undergraduate degrees in Project Management from accredited colleges and universities within the Minnesota and North Dakota region. In addition to these substantial offerings, PMI-MN also provides a generous unrestricted annual contribution to support project management education and the overall work of PMIEF.  

PMI–MN’s financial decision to contribute to PMIEF “just made sense,” says Mohamed F. Diab, MBA, PhD, President and CEO of the chapter. The two organizations have objectives that highly align. “Our main goal for 2018, and moving forward, is to focus on how we can serve our new generation of project management individuals. We decided that the best way to do this was through increased scholarships. That is why we added the 2018 endowment.”

Dr. Diab goes on to say, “We want to encourage and support students who are studying in undergraduate or graduate programs where project management is a key component. We’ve chosen to do this through PMIEF. They have all the right processes and rubrics in place to award these scholarships. They can better link the students with PMI. And we fully trust their decisions.”

PMI–MN feels that their partnership with PMIEF will give them the ideal opportunity to promote their scholarships more efficiently, with better visibility, and as a result, change more lives. Dr. Diab reflects, “It comes down to improving people’s lives. Project management knowledge enhances people’s day-to-day living and their careers. It’s a whole mindset in which these skills can be applied to big projects, small projects, even to families.”

At PMIEF, we are grateful PMI–MN is part of our family.

You, too, know the value of project management knowledge and skills. When you give, you join PMI–MN and so many others to extend our profession with project management education. Every gift counts. Make a gift here to impact lives today.