Donor Spotlight: Marge Combe, PMIEF Board Member


27 April 2018

Published inPM Philanthropist (archived)

Marge Combe

Marge Combe spent years applying project management skills to her financial services career. But it wasn’t until she was retired and started coaching leaders and nonprofits that she realized PM was “much more than a skill for practitioners. It’s something that permeates work in almost any career … and life. That’s when I started exploring what PMIEF did.” 

This Wisconsin resident not only explored the many facets of PMIEF, she also became passionately involved. She is now in her fifth year as a PMIEF board member and last year served as the PMIEF Board Chair. But Marge doesn’t just give of her time. She has been a Leadership Society Donor since 2015, because she truly believes in everything PMIEF does.  

“I am a big charitable donor,” says Marge. “But I am very selective as to where I give. I give to PMIEF because I see the results and the true benefits. As a board member, I see it up close. I see PMIEF making a difference in nonprofits and making kids more effective in school and in their careers after they finish school.”

Until she became involved in PMIEF, Marge wasn’t that interested in PMIEF’s youth initiative. She was more excited with the remarkable work PMIEF does with nonprofits, because she’s involved in coaching nonprofits and sits on several nonprofit boards. But while acting on the PMIEF board, Marge became “transformed” by some research that PMIEF commissioned, comparing teachers and students who had been trained on PM to a group who had not.  

“The teachers and students who had been trained in project management scored 30%–40% higher on things like collaboration, organization and academic performance. That really just blew me away. And these are all good skills that will serve them well as they go into careers in the future.”

Working closely with PMIEF, Marge has been able to observe PMIEF’s impact first-hand--from scholarships awarded for continuous learning, to nonprofit grants for capacity building, to project management training for kids. She has also seen how many people have successfully applied the organizational and effective process skills PMIEF promotes to their daily lives.  

“I use my PM knowledge constantly. My adult daughter often says to me, ‘I’m so glad I learned project management from you.’ I never taught her consciously! She just picked up pieces of how I was living and now applies it to her life. That’s a real testimonial in how much I believe in it.”

PMIEF is very grateful for Marge’s generous support and financial gifts that positively impact project management skills for social good.  But having her as part of our team has been the biggest gift of all. 

It’s donors like Marge … and you … who are able to transform kids, nonprofits and students through your support of PMIEF. Thank you for all you do, and we hope you continue your generosity in the future.