Donor Spotlight: Marcelo A. Briola, PMP®


24 October 2019

Published inPM for Social Good

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Supporting PMIEF Helps Secure the Future of Project Management 

Marcelo A. Briola, PMP®, sees his life’s journey reflected in the opportunity extended to young people through PMIEF. So with a generous heart and consistent monthly donations, he is helping to fund the next generation of project managers and provide youth with education to last a lifetime.

Marcelo himself has traveled through layers of education and along the way has earned a master’s degree and a PhD in business administration, and an impressive, in-depth understanding of project management to support his PMP® designation.

“I worked for 30 years in IT areas, a period during which I became proficient in project management,” says Marcelo, now CEO of Briola & Co. in Argentina. An expert in the optimization of project teams, he’s also academic director of the Project Management Executive Program at the Torcuato Di Tella University and head of the Project Management Executive Program at the National University of La Plata. In addition, he’s authored a book, “Maturity in Project Management in the Information Technology areas of Argentina," as well as several articles and research papers on project management and teamwork.

“My interest in PMIEF lies in my belief that young people are the future of the world; they are our heirs. I wish to help young people to grow and develop,” says Marcelo of his status as a valued PMIEF donor. “In addition, I am filled with gratitude for project management; it provided me with the tools and knowledge to learn and consolidate in this wonderful profession.”

Marcelo knows that youth do not become proficient in project management all by themselves. “Training young people in social and technical areas is at the core of PMIEF’s work. The foundation makes a major effort to provide children with the key values that will contribute to shape their lives,” he explains.

“If children are trained with both human and technical perspectives in mind, they will build a sound basis to continue evolving at the pace the world evolves, and will do so in a consolidated manner, without limitations, and with great openness and resilience to change,” says Marcelo. “And as young people continue into adulthood and their careers, project management shapes them as professionals, able to leverage values and train on different management techniques.”

Furthermore, he notes that once in the field of project management, professionals are wise to continue their pursuit of excellence through education. “Owing to the world’s development and the continuous generational changes, the practice of project management requires further education, and PMIEF is the ideal organization to achieve this purpose. PMIEF is the essence of my gratitude and the engine that drives me to transcend through my professional activities,” he explains.

Though a demanding work schedule keeps Marcelo extremely busy, he looks forward to a time when he will be able to volunteer with PMIEF and PMI projects. “I would like to engage in activities that are helpful to young people, especially low-income youths,” he says looking toward the future. “I believe PMIEF is highly involved with activities that really embrace young people and help them grow. PMIEF programs have a major impact on young people and the society as a whole.”

Marcelo says he hopes his donations to PMIEF will not only help youth to learn project management skills, but to build upon them. “I would like my donations to help young people to improve their previous generations’ legacy, and above all transmit all they have learned to their descendants,” he says earnestly.

With the hope that others, too, will accept the responsibility of paving the way for the next generation of project managers -- and project management itself, Marcelo says, “I truly believe that all certified PMs should contribute to charitable activities to improve the practice and consequently, the society we live in. We should always think of soft activities that make us evolve as human beings, and of more technical activities that improve organizations and their operational dynamics. Thus, we will be able to enhance the practice of project management and achieve a better society that evolves over time. ‘Giving’ implies contributing, and that is synonymous with ongoing education. Donating to PMIEF means contributing and improving practice, and consequently, achieving a better society in return.”



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