Donor Spotlight: Jay Manifold, Donor since 2004


13 June 2018

Published inPM Philanthropist (archived)

Jay Manifold helping children in Haiti

Jay Manifold is one busy guy who believes in incorporating the project management skills he acquired decades ago to the many aspects of his life. He applies PM to his IT career, his daily life and his extensive volunteer work. He believes in the power of PM. And he is aware of the positive impact PMIEF has on nonprofits and students by providing PM training. That’s why Jay has made an annual contribution every year since 2004.

“PMIEF propagates so much good, donating was just the obvious thing to do. When I made my first contribution, I actually wrote a check! That was before anyone was paying things online. THAT’S how long ago it was!” says the Kansas City resident.  

“What PMIEF does for the nonprofit sector is truly significant,” Jay goes on to say. “Through education, they help these organizations break down a work structure and identify what technology they need and why. PMIEF provides the techniques, the tools and a whole mindset to people who wouldn’t get much of a shot at it. So these people trying to do good can accomplish what they set out to accomplish.”

Jay is impressed by the good PMIEF brings to the world. But he does quite a bit of worldly good himself. Aside from his long-time giving to PMIEF, he often volunteers, including another lengthy commitment to relief for earthquake victims in Haiti. “I never anticipated doing anything like this in my life,” reports Jay. “But I have been to Port-au-Prince numerous times to help … to help with everything from restoring IT equipment in schools to just doing what needs to be done. And yes, I incorporated my PM skills wherever I could.”

Jay Manifold is a busy person. But he is never too busy to make his annual gift to the foundation, which he has done for the past 14 years. “PMIEF spreads good ideas internationally. And I really like to see that,” he says.  

Jay, we’re very grateful you are there to help.

Donors like you and Jay are truly changing the world by making PM training for nonprofits available and empowering these organizations to be more effective than ever. To change the way you change the world with PM skills, sign up here to give an automatic monthly contribution. It’s easy and allows you to provide uninterrupted support for project management for social good®.