Donor Spotlight: Angela Mendez, PMP


07 January 2019

Published inPM Philanthropist (archived)

Angela Mendez, PMP headshot

Angela Mendez, PMP at a PMI display table.

Angela Mendez, PMP, has retired from a career that included assisting in the implementation of the project management office of the Central Bank of Dominican Republic, her employer for nearly three decades.“It was a spectacular experience,” says Angela who now devotes her time to her “life’s passion”— teaching project management. It’s a pursuit that is strengthened by the availability of PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) training materials that Angela considers essential to successful training.

“I started by donating my time as a PMI volunteer,” says Angela, who was a former past—and the first—president of the PMI Dominican Republic Chapter in 2011. “I realized that if each PMI member donated even US$10, the foundation would have more economic resources with which to reach more people in the world. So I began by adding US$10 annually to my membership, then US$25 annually. Then I learned about a special monthly donation program and I loved that idea. So that is what I do.”

Angela, who holds a master’s degree in higher education and is completing her doctoral thesis in education, got involved in project management for teachers in grades K–12 in 2013 as a way to improve learning for her son, Rafael Eduardo. “I prepared a training program in project management for teachers so they could understand and utilize the power of project-based learning,” she explains. “For my son it was, and still is, a much easier and more effective way to learn.” She proudly notes that her son, now 16, as well as her nephews have participated in PMIEF workshops and are now enthusiastic volunteers with the PMI Dominican Republic Chapter. Today, she coordinates a certificate program in formulation, analysis, and evaluation of projects at La Universidad Domínico-Americana (UNICDA), a private university in Dominican Republic.

Having earlier served as PMIEF Liaison, she has seen firsthand the impact of project management training on lives and communities. “I was asked to train leaders at Children’s International of Dominican Republic, a non-governmental organization (NGO). After I did that, I then went with the leaders as they spread the knowledge further by training others. One young trainee really impacted me; a 13-year-old girl took the knowledge she gained about project management and, in turn, taught her community to manage garbage and waste. She helped her community begin a recycling program. I saw her passion and realized what a real-life difference the knowledge had made. I knew then that I wanted to expand my training efforts and do more.”

Another effort that impressed Angela was one led by PMI volunteer Magnolia Ortiz who has undertaken the training of prisoners in a jail in the city of San Pedro de Macorís. “She works with men who have lost their liberty, and gives them a new perspective on life by teaching ‘Skills for Life’ workshops,” says Angela. “One prisoner commented that he had never thought of life in those terms before, and that it had helped him a lot. She does amazing work, and PMIEF resources have given her the tools she needs to do it.”

Angela proclaims that she “fell in love” with PMI decades ago, and says the dynamics of project management have changed her own life for the better, making her more organized, more focused, and more able to achieve. She adds that PMIEF embodies the very “heart and soul” of PMI. “It touches something inside of you, and reminds you that you really can change the world and make it a better place,” she says. “By giving support to PMIEF, we can assure that a younger generation and other professionals can experience the benefits of project management. It is our responsibility to make that happen.”

Angela reminds fellow project managers that “financial donations can help fund scholarships and research grants to support young students, development of resources, and better prepared teachers.” But she also stresses that there is more to share beyond money. “I also invite others to donate their time and their knowledge so that together we can build a bridge connecting all the societies of the world.”

Join Angela Mendez in supporting PMIEF’s worldwide efforts to empower others through project management. A monthly donation can help change the world.