Donor Spotlight: Mitchell Fong, PMP


01 March 2017

Published inPM Philanthropist (archived)

PMIEF donor Mitchell Fong

Mitchell’s passion for project management is contagious! In a recent Q&A session, he shared his personal experience with PMIEF...and his story will inspire you:

Q: How did you originally become aware of project management principles?

A: I was pursuing dual degrees in Software Engineering and Political Science at Western University. One of my professors suggested I take a course in Project Management. I had no idea that field even existed! But I knew from the very first day that I absolutely wanted a career as a Project Manager. Today, I not only apply project management principles professionally...I eat, sleep, and breathe them in my personal life!

Q: Please describe your current involvement with PMIEF both as a donor and volunteer.

A: Right now, I am heavily involved with the PMI chapter in Toronto. We are working with schools in the region, providing PMI and PMIEF project management resources to train teachers and teach students.

We started with just one school, and will expand across the board and hope to be presenting PMIEF resources at a national school conference this year. I’m ecstatic that students are able to add discipline, structure, and project management principles to their lives. How far they can go!

I have seen firsthand the difference project management skills can make in the education process for both students and teachers. Because of this, it was a natural next step for me to begin financially supporting PMIEF. Recently, I decided to become a PMIEF Leadership Society donor, so that even more teachers and students will be equipped with project management “tool belt”.

Q: Please share a favorite story about the impact of PMIEF on your community.

A: PMIEF is committed to educating primary and secondary students in project management as a life skill. I live in Toronto, and part of our work here involves supporting student competitions like “Future City.” I served as a judge in the most recent competition for 12-14 year olds.

Their abilities just amazed me! Part of their submission was a project plan. At that age, they already knew what a project plan is and how to execute it! Incredible!

One particular school was among the roughest in the district. Most of the students attending the school face many challenges, and yet they fielded a terrific team that made the Finals! I reached out to the teacher serving as their adviser and congratulated her. Then I offered to come talk to her classes, teach project management skills, and make sure they received additional resources.

She started to cry and I started to get emotional. She has such a desire to help her students succeed. And the fact that PMIEF would get involved...would help...would care...she was just blown away. Really special moment!

Q: Why would you tell someone to invest in PMIEF and our work?

A: I believe it is critical to build a pipeline of young, talented project managers—starting with today’s students. If we want to continue to see nonprofit organizations and businesses be as successful as possible, the profession must keep growing.

PMIEF is uniquely set up to be a catalyst for long-term growth. With help and financial support from all of us, we can do two critical things:

1. Expose younger and younger students to project management principles, helping them to understand and use them in school and in life. 
2. Help good project managers to become extraordinary! By supporting PMIEF financially, you and I can provide training, opportunities to
volunteer, and ways for Project Managers to enhance their talents.

Do you love Project Management? Are you passionate about it? Then it’s only logical to invest in PMIEF. Give Now!