Dell’s Corporate Responsibility at Work


27 August 2015

Dell, a Corporate Partner Donor with PMIEF, is making project management for social good® a part of its corporate culture.

We at the PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) are privileged to see the generosity of project managers from all over the world who donate their skills to help others in need and at a disadvantage. Dell, a Corporate Partner Donor with PMIEF is making project management for social good® a part of its corporate culture.

In November 2012, Dell Limerick (Ireland) launched the Dell Volunteers Project Management program (Dell VPM, initially known as Dell PM4Life). The following year, Dell Limerick partnered with PMIEF to use the PMIEF Project Management Skills for Life® resource to create free, in-person, six-hour training sessions for nonprofit staff in their area. These sessions focused on helping the staff learn to use project management by applying it to practical, real-world challenges the nonprofits faced.

“We are delighted to be able to share our project management skills with as many organizations as possible,” explained Denis Kelly, vice president, global consumer support services at Dell. With locations around the world, Dell was poised to replicate this success in other communities. Soon afterwards, Dell VPM expanded to Dublin and Cork in Ireland, Dell Bratislava, Slovakia and Dell’s corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas. Plans are underway to launch in Bangalore, India and in other sites in the United States and Europe. A mobile app provides program graduates with access to PMIEF resources.

In 2014, PMIEF joined Dell and a Dell VPM Limerick nonprofit participant for a presentation about their collaboration at the first International Conference on Managing Projects in the Non-Profit Sector held at the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick, Ireland. Dell VPM also won the PMI 2014 Community Advancement through Project Management Award. This award is now administered by the PMIEF.

Receiving the award, Limerick Site Leader Timmy O’Dwyer said, “We are delighted to see our efforts recognized by PMI, which is the world’s leading professional organization for project management. The feedback we’ve received is that charities that have come through the project management training offered in the program are better able to execute on key projects, and are seeing an organizational—and, in some cases, a fundraising—benefit as a result.

Today, representatives from more than 120 local and national charities have been trained in project management through Dell VPM. PMIEF hopes that Dell’s example will be an inspiration to other corporations, whether global or local, to use the skills of their project managers for the greater good.

Michael DePrisco, PMIEF chief operating officer and PMI vice president of academic and educational programs, says, “We are pleased that Dell VPM not only enables PMIEF to expand its global reach in a meaningful way, but also creates a unique model of how corporations like Dell can leverage the expertise of their professionals, PMIEF and the PMI community to support charitable work worldwide.”