Dell Inc. Scales Up DVPM Pro Bono Outreach Using PMIEF Resource


14 September 2017

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Written by Michelle Armstrong

Published inPM for Social Good

Group of Dell EMC employees lead by President Doug Schmitt

Dell Limerick DVPM Team with Doug Schmitt, third from left, president of Dell EMC Global Services and global executive sponsor of DVPM.

Dell Inc., a PMIEF corporate partner and a recipient of the 2014 PMI Community Advancement through Project Management Award for its Dell Volunteer Project Management (DVPM) program, continues to set the pace for pro bono outreach through the global scale up of this initiative.

Ideated and first implemented by the company’s professionals in Limerick, Ireland in 2012 to deliver training in project management fundamentals to area charities/nonprofit organizations, DVPM now boasts worldwide reach thanks to Dell volunteers across the globe who have replicated it in their local communities. Dell bases its DVPM training on PMIEF’s Project Management Skills for Life®, which showcases the global use of the foundation’s no-cost educational resources to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

DVPM engages Dell project managers— many of whom are PMI members—to help nonprofit professionals acquire and apply project management knowledge to their work to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency. Doing so better enables them to fulfill their organizational mission as they put their lessons learned into practice for projects like event planning, fundraising campaigns, and strategic planning. DVPM includes a seven-hour, classroom-based training at no charge and access to an accompanying mobile application that permits participants easy access to Project Management Skills for Life®. The application also features project management templates, blog posts about project management in the nonprofit sector, and information about upcoming DVPM events.

An initiative that exemplifies one of PMIEF’s pillars of focus—project management capable nonprofits— DVPM now includes sites in Austin, Texas, USA: Bengaluru, India; Bratislava, Slovakia; Limerick, Dublin and Cork, Ireland; and Panama City, Panama. The program has reached more than 300 charities across the globe through over 50 training events attended by nearly 600 people. Moreover, DVPM has engaged more than 175 Dell project managers by creating an opportunity for them to leverage their expertise through volunteerism.

“DVPM is a fantastic opportunity for our team to share project management skills with voluntary organizations that, as a result, helps all of our communities thrive,” said Doug Schmitt, president of Dell EMC Global Services and global executive sponsor of DVPM.

Michael DePrisco, PMIEF Chief Operating Officer and PMI vice president, global membership and chapters, agreed. “This unique partnership not only enables PMIEF to expand its global reach, but it also creates a unique model of how corporations can leverage the expertise of their professionals, PMIEF, and the PMI community to support charitable work worldwide.”

Dell will soon launch DVPM in Casablanca, Morocco; Hyderabad and New Delhi, India; Montpellier, France; Penang, Malaysia; and São Paulo, Brazil. Thanks to Dell volunteers, Project Management Skills for Life® was also translated into Slovak even as they use PMIEF’s Spanish version of it in Panama. This further supports PMIEF’s efforts to ensure its resources are available in as many languages as possible. In addition, through the Dell Gives Back program, the company donates cash contributions to its professionals’ charities of choice once they meet the required number of volunteer hours, another example of DVPM’s global impact.