CARE USA Grant Builds Capacity for Emergencies and Humanitarian Aid Initiatives


17 October 2018

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Written by Michelle Armstrong

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PMIEF awarded US$149,465 to Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE) USA in 2015 to deliver project management fundamentals training to CARE professionals across the globe and to revise the CARE International Emergency Toolkit by integrating project management into it. In addition, the grant enabled the organization to develop an accompanying Toolkit website to demonstrate the integration of project management into its operations.

An online and pocket-sized resource, the Toolkit serves as a central repository of CARE’s experience in, and guidance for, humanitarian response. Created to promote the dissemination of useful information, it addresses topics such as finance, partnership building, accountability, and distributions. While its objective is to support CARE professionals in their work and is particularly germane to it, it is an accessible, open-source resource. As such, the organization invites individuals internal and external to its practice to create an account and to suggest edits, ensuring it remains evergreen by offering up-to-date best guidance.

The 17 October “Projectified™ with PMI” highlights this grant in a segment on project management in emergency and humanitarian aid initiatives. In addition, a case study examines this grant’s outcomes, sustainability efforts, and scalability plans to help inform the nonprofit sector.