Buck Institute for Education and JA Ireland Empower Teachers through PM


18 July 2018

Published inPM for Social Good

Group meeting of Buck Institute for Education and JA Ireland

Ray Mead of P3M Global delivered PM fundamentals training to JA Ireland teachers.

PMIEF’s grants to the Buck Institute for Education (BIE) and Junior Achievement Ireland (JA Ireland) have helped strengthen education worldwide. Now these organizations’ collaboration further enhances classroom learning across The Emerald Isle.

Our 2016 grant to BIE funded HQPBL, an initiative to develop a framework for high-quality project based learning (PBL). The framework helps teachers, students, parents, and education stakeholders understand what constitutes high-quality PBL and the extent to which they engage in it. It includes project management among the six criteria for high-quality PBL because project management builds students’ skills in managing themselves and their teams while using the necessary processes, tools, and strategies to execute project work. Several education thought leaders and key influencers informed the framework’s development, including representatives of PMIEF grantees like Asia Society, Junior Achievement USA, and Partnership for 21st Century Learning. BIE released the framework in March 2018.  

PMIEF’s partnership with JA Ireland began in 2015, with our most recent grant including a professional development component for 15 teachers. Their experience not only included a three-day, pro bono project management fundamentals seminar facilitated by Ray Mead, Founding Partner of P3M Global (a PMI Registered Education Provider), but also a study abroad experience to BIE’s PBL World conference in Napa, California, USA in June. The preeminent PBL convening, PBL World allowed the teachers to more deeply explore strategies for project management-rich PBL instruction. In addition, it provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with colleagues from around the globe. 

JA Ireland teachers also intend to leverage the HQPBL framework to assess how well their practice exemplifies high-quality PBL. The framework proves particularly useful given Ireland’s growing emphasis on PBL instruction to encourage students’ collaboration, problem-solving, and reflection. Moreover, each teacher earned PMIEF's Managing the Learning Project Cycle digital microcredential by submitting a portfolio of work that demonstrated project management integration into their curricula. 

According to JA Ireland teachers, both our support and their collaboration with BIE have prompted them to critically examine how they lead instruction. For example, one teacher commented:

“In the past, I have been guilty of over-managing projects in the classroom, telling students at each stage what to do, not giving them the tools to manage the project themselves and assuming responsibilities which they could have benefitted from…  I have learned that [PBL] is an excellent way of stimulating their interest, growing their confidence by giving them ownership of the project, enabling them to select responsibilities for tasks, and essentially not telling them what to do and when to do it, but investing in the development of their skills. [Project management] has given me the structure, approach, and attitudinal change required so I can now apply it to other classroom situations.” 

Here, too, is a preview of an upcoming video that will showcase our grants to BIE and JA Ireland.

Be certain to learn more about these grants when the full video premieres on www.pmief.org in September!