Back to School Planning with PMIEF


16 August 2018

Published inPM for Social Good

Topics Youth

Chalkboard with Back to School written on it

Teachers’ One-Stop-Shop to all Educational Resources

With summer wrapping up and the new school year just around the corner, PMIEF wants to support all of the teachers in their planning process. Rather than search and sort through the many different resources, we decided to consolidate all of the educational tools in one place. This one-stop-shop for teacher resources can be found on the link provided and will cover everything from digital badging to project planning. Our most popular resources for teachers complement each other. They provide a comprehensive and easy-to-use framework for project management education in your classroom. And they are always free of charge.

The resources are segmented by their respective group. For rewarding new skills with a recognized credential you will find PM Skills for Life® and Project Management Fundamentals Digital Badge. To introduce your students to project management skills, the suitable resources to use are Project Management Toolkit for Youth, Student Leadership Guide and Student Presentation Guide. And finally, for helping your students get a head start to meet the global demand for skilled project managers, PMIEF suggests using Project Management for Career & Technical Education, and Careers in Project Management.

PMIEF wants to help teachers get started with their new school year. Take advantage of these no-cost project management educational resources to help bridge the talent gap and build 21st Century Skills among primary and secondary school students. Find the special link of educational resources here and start exploring and planning today!