Asia Society Releases New PM-Rich Resources for Teachers Thanks to PMIEF Grant


19 October 2017

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Written by Michelle Armstrong

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With the support of grant funding from the PMI Educational Foundation, Asia Society developed a twelve-hour, online video course to support career and technical education goals.

PMIEF has long recognized the intrinsic connection between project management and career and technical education (CTE) because these courses offer experiential learning opportunities that prepare young people for 21st century success. Like PMIEF, the Asia Society is committed to strengthening CTE and has received requests from CTE educators for resources that will help them integrate global competence into their curricula. Given our shared interest in CTE, our organizations partnered beginning in 2015 for the “PMIEF – Asia Society Initiative for Integrating Global Perspectives into CTE.” The collaboration has resulted in innovative professional development resources for CTE teachers that build their understanding of project management and global competence, both of which are critical for today’s students who will ultimately comprise tomorrow’s workforce.

Our US$ 350,000 grant to the Asia Society funded the creation of “Global Competence through Career and Technical Education,” a customizable, 12-hour, online video course comprised of two modules and an accompanying toolkit for U.S. secondary school CTE teachers. The Asia Society recently released the final version of these resources following a pilot with 39 teachers during the 2016-17 school year. Pilot participants overwhelmingly lauded the resources for their robust content and according to survey findings:

  • 97% either “agreed” or “somewhat agreed” they now understand how to integrate a global focus into a lesson without needing to be an expert on global issues;
  • 97% either “agreed” or “somewhat agreed” the resources will support their CTE project instruction;
  • 97% either “agreed” or “somewhat agreed” the resources proved valuable to their professional practice; and
  • 87% described PMIEF’s Project Management Toolkit for Teachers as either “extremely useful” or “very useful,” with 10% describing it as “useful” (teachers ranked this resource the most valuable of all of the materials they received during the pilot).

The course and toolkit enable CTE teachers to better prepare their students for career and civic roles in a society where success increasingly demands the abilities to compete, to connect, and to cooperate on a global scale. CTE courses are project-based and prepare students for careers of their choice, so including lessons on global competence in these classes is as practical as it is necessary. Furthermore, integrating project management into CTE curricula helps students learn how to cooperate in teams, to identify and to mitigate risk, and to execute and to monitor collaborative project work, skills companies require to remain competitive in the global economy.

The Asia Society showcased this PMIEF-funded initiative for 150 CTE educators at the 2017 Educating for Careers Conference. As a result, the San Mateo County (California) CTE office plans to disseminate these resources countywide. In addition, the California Department of Education is very enthusiastic about “Global Competence through Career and Technical Education” and has added the toolkit to its California Career Center Web site. The Asia Society is also joining with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction to share the toolkit through statewide outlets.

Founded in 1956 by John D. Rockefeller III, the Asia Society is the leading educational organization dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and strengthening partnerships among peoples, leaders, and institutions of Asia and the U.S. in a global context. While it initially sought to promote greater knowledge of Asia in the U.S., today it is a global institution that fulfills its education mandate through a range of cross-disciplinary programming.

The Asia Society delivers the “Global Competence through Career and Technical Education” two-module course in partnership with the Association for Career and Technical Education and will soon pilot these resources internationally. Individuals interested in learning more about the course should contact PMIEF.