2019 Donors Share Why It's Important to Give Back


19 December 2019

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2019 Donor Spotlight Testimonials

PMIEF thanks donors for their continued support!

We would like to thank all of the PMI community members who gave their time, project management skillset and donations to help make a difference in the lives of youth. Through the generous charitable support of donors like you, PMIEF has made a profound impact on individuals and communities around the world by championing Project Management for Social Good®.

Instead of telling you what a difference your donation makes, we asked our community why they feel it’s important to give back through PMIEF and how each donation – no matter the size – is making an impact. 

Read the testimonials below and watch the video to learn how you are a critical part of our success and why your donation makes a difference. 

From all of us at PMIEF, we thank you for your continued support and wish you a very Happy New Year!


By giving support to PMIEF, we can assure that a younger generation and other professionals can experience the benefits of project management. It is our responsibility to make that happen.

Angela Mendez, PMP® project Manager

"Most things in our lives are project related. If we can help educate kids earlier to this fact, it will help them throughout the processes of growing up, education, and life itself. In less-developed countries, where there are fewer resources, project management can help people maximize their existing resources and live a better life, with less conflict, less stress, and greater peace of mind." Peggy Billhartz, PMP®

"I donate for two reasons," he explains. "First, I think that the work being done by PMIEF is really great and I understand the necessity of having funds available for it to continue. And second, I can’t expect others to donate if I do not donate myself. I want to be an example to other people and encourage them to support PMIEF, too." Gerardo Blitzer, PMP®

"It is that aspect of giving back that I love. After all, I realize people invested in me throughout life, and the only way I can pay them back is to give to others," she reflects. "We all need to think about that. We all need to give." Kristine Hayes Munson, PMP®

"My takeaway to others is this: The workforce of the future is dependent on the youth of today, so we must invest in them. I feel very strongly that project management offers tangible, usable skills that can be absorbed by middle schoolers, high schoolers and college students. We must provide access and exposure, and with our gifts, PMIEF can do exactly that." Betsy Fleek, PMP®

"I like to think that through my own small contribution, PMIEF will be, able to reach one more student, touch one more life," she adds. "If all of us in project management contribute our own individual gifts, collectively we will enable PMIEF to further a program, develop one, and grow one." Connie Figley, PMP®

"I am a longtime, strong PMI member, and an avid supporter of PMIEF—and always will be. I have no regrets when it comes to my career in project management. I want young people to be able to look back and say the same thing someday." John Koren, PMP®

"I have used project management in everything I do in life …There isn’t any area of life in which it is not applicable. It helps people to achieve success in so many ways. I think it is our responsibility as project managers to share this information and give back to the world. It is the right thing to do." German Gutierrez- Pacheco, PMP®

"I promote PMIEF whenever I can," says Frank, "because it gives an opportunity to youth to obtain skills they can take with them anywhere. It's my belief that if we can get young adults to really learn about and develop these skills as early as possible they will become much stronger leaders in whatever field they enter, and make a difference in their communities." – Frank Saladis, PMP®

"And as young people continue into adulthood and their careers, project management shapes them as professionals, able to leverage values and train on different management techniques." Marcelo Briola, PMP® 

"Sharing knowledge and experience is what being a project management professional is all about. This is the very spirit of being a PM. But even if you cannot volunteer your time, you can make a donation.  You can put your money to work on your behalf.  You can help fund the education of children, and in doing so you can indirectly change the world." Kavi Ruben Ramasamy, PMP®


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