Academic Scholarship Information


  • The PMIEF Academic scholarships contain specific criteria in regards to area of study, PMI membership, geographic location of residency and/or accredited academic institutions. The criteria for each scholarship can be found on the individual scholarship page.
  • Each academic application is associated with one or more scholarships.
  • Applicants, who have submitted a completed application by the published deadline, will be evaluated for all eligible scholarships associated in the application.
  • Applications and supporting materials must be submitted and completed in the format specified in the PMIEF Guidelines by the published deadline.

Application Guidelines

  • Applicants must submit and upload an official transcript from his/her accredited academic institution in the associated application by the published deadline.
  • A resume, two references, and an essay are required to be submitted in all academic applications.
  • Only complete applications with all required supporting materials received by the published deadline will be considered by the Scholarship Application Evaluation Committee.
  • Unless specified otherwise, scholarships are given for only one (1) academic year. The academic year for which the scholarship is provided will be identified upon receiving the scholarship.

Recipient Guidelines

  • Upon notification via email, recipients must provide a current proof of enrollment document from his/her university or college.
  • Scholarships shall be used in an academic degree-granting program in a college or university accredited by a nationally or regionally recognized accrediting agency, as defined by the United States Department of Education with respect to United States academic institutions, and as defined by the pertinent comparable body for academic institutions outside the United States.

Scholarship Evaluation

  • Applications submitted by the published deadline will be reviewed by the Scholarship Application Evaluation Committee to ensure applicants receive full consideration and meet all requirements.
  • Applicants will be evaluated based on academic performance at the current or most recently attended high school (secondary school), college, university or other academic institution, as stated in the applicant’s transcript. Higher GPAs will be given more favorable consideration.
  • The ranking criteria will be based on a point system. Recipients will be selected in a manner that matches the higher dollar amount with the most qualified applicant for which the criteria are met.
  • All scholarship applicants are screened against the Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN) of the United States Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control.
  • PMIEF requires all members of the Scholarship Application Evaluation Committee to review the PMIEF Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Policies and complete and sign the PMIEF Confidentiality Agreement and the PMIEF Conflict of Interest forms prior to performing any review of scholarship applications or other related duties.
  • Each member of the Scholarship Applicant Evaluation Committee must identify any conflicts of interest that arise at any time, including without limitation during the evaluation and ranking of applicants. Where a conflict of interest may exist, the Committee member with the conflict shall excuse himself or herself from the evaluation process.
  • All decisions by the Scholarship Application Evaluation Committee are final.

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