21st Century Skills Map – Project Management for Learning

The 21st Century Skills Map – Project Management for Learning Skills Map provides a cross walk between project management skills, 21st century skills and career pathways. The Skills Map not only shows which of the 21st Century Skills are learned through the four stages of a learning project, it also provides tips, guidance, and example projects that incorporate methods that make managing and leading learning projects more straightforward, more productive, and a deeper and more exciting learning experience for both teachers and students.

This skills map was created in cooperation with the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

In addition to the project examples the map also contains the following:

  • Appendix One – Learning Projects Primer
  • Appendix Two – 21st Century Skills Definitions
  • Appendix Three – Project Management for Learning Pathways

Resource Audience Administrators
Student Age 5 to 9 years old
10 to 12 years old
13 to 19 years old
Type Sample Projects
Language English
Program Area Future Success
Learning Environment Schools
Date 04 Apr 2014

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21st Century Skills Map

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