The Project Management Methodology for Post-Disaster Reconstruction

Disasters and crises are, by nature, accompanied by uncertainty. The list of reconstruction priorities is longer than one person can tackle alone without support.

Leadership and the ability to envision solutions are essential to managing projects of all types. But what is also essential is the means to practice the established principles of project management in order to achieve a successful outcome.

To address this, PMI has developed Project Management Methodology for Post Disaster Reconstruction, aimed at those in the disaster recovery field who are providing the kind of leadership and clarity of thought needed to help in the reconstruction effort.

Project management and its related processes are the keys to staying organized and focused, and to accomplishing the solutions a community needs after being hit by a disaster. Reconstruction project management is about solving problems and delivering intended results through an organized, structured methodology.

PMI’s Project Management Methodology was developed for global application by relief agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and/or governments following a major disaster. It is based on A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)–Third Edition, and is meant to enhance collaboration and consistency, as well as quality and accountability, of projects undertaken in a crisis/disaster rebuild environment.

In the simplest terms possible the Project Management Methodology for Post Disaster Reconstruction provides an approach that, if followed, will deliver results.

Resource Audience Nonprofits and NGOs
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Date 01 Jan 2007

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Cover of the Project Management Methodology for Post-Disaster Reconstruction

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