Student Badging (ages 12-19)

Digital Student Badging

PMIEF is now offering a Project Management Fundamentals digital badge for students, available at no cost for a limited time.  The digital badge is designed for students aged 12 – 19 years who have developed project management skills and knowledge in school or as part of an extracurricular activity, using resources such as Project Management Skills for Life or the Project Management Toolkit for Teachers. It is aligned with Mozilla Open Badge standards, allowing students to show verifiable evidence of learning in both traditional and non-traditional settings, and is easily shared with interested parties. 

Getting started with Badging:

Step 1:  Complete a no-cost registration with NOCTI, the organization hosting the test.  To learn more about registering, download the "Getting Started with NOCTI" resource on the right.  Then, when you’re ready, complete the Security and Testing Agreement and submit it to NOCTI (submission instructions are at the bottom of the form).

Step 2:  When your students are ready to test, your organization’s site coordinator (designated during NOCTI registration) will contact NOCTI for test codes and a link to the testing site.  Review the study blueprint to help students prepare.

Step 3:  Students take the computer based test in a proctored environment and receive their results right away.  Those who pass will receive the badge via email in 7-10 business days.  Students who do not pass can re-take the test at a later date.

Step 4:  The site coordinator will receive credentials from NOCTI to access a secure site with test data for all students associated with the testing site. For more information about the PMIEF Project Management Fundamentals Digital Badge, review the Badging FAQ, or contact

Resource Audience Students
Student Age 13 to 19 years old
Date 28 Nov 2016

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Getting Started with NOCTI

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