Project Management Toolkit for Youth

The Project Management Toolkit for Youth and accompanying curriculum is targeted toward secondary school students and was selected to teach key fundamental project management areas and 21st century skills with emphasis on organizing, planning and scheduling work and provides the information needed to organize and structure the work on a project.

If you are developing a primary school program, you may want to utilize a curriculum that is more age appropriate but the Program Development Guide is applicable for both primary and secondary schools.

Students will learn how projects are initiated from the onset and how to plan a project in detail. Students will develop a project scope statement and schedule of activities for their project. This knowledge will assist students to deal with real life projects and manage project execution.  The key to a successful program is a strong working relationship between the school district, local PMI chapter or organization, the instructor and planning.

Resource Audience Administrators
Student Age 10 to 12 years old
13 to 19 years old
Type Curricula
Lesson Plans
Sample Projects
Language Arabic
Program Area Future Success
Learning Environment Competition
Date 10 Feb 2011

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Cover of Project Management Toolkit for Youth

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