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Below is a list of all PMIEF liaisons. As a project management practitioner, you can use this list to see if there is a liaison in your local PMI chapter and then connect with them on LinkedIn if their profile is available.

Use the search and filter functions to find liaisons closest to your location.

Chapter/COP First name Last name Super Region Region
Poland Chapter Agata Czopek EMEA Region 8
Fortaleza Ceara Brazil Chapter Ailton Queiroz LA Region 13
West Bengal Chapter Alakananda Rao AP Region 11
Bogota Colombia Chapter Alberto Dominguez LA Region 13
Honduras Potential Chapter Alejandra Nazar LA Region 13
Slovenia Chapter Alenka Slabe EMEA Region 8
Panama Chapter Alex Villareal LA Region 13
Montana Chapter Alyssa Francis NA Region 1
Tampa Bay Florida Chapter Amanda Rodriguez NA Region 14
Western Michigan Chapter Amy Flick NA Region 4
Manaus Brazil Chapter Ana Carolina Gaeta LA Region 13
Romania Chapter Ana-Maria Dogaru EMEA Region 8
Mumbai Chapter Anand More AP Region 11
Northeast Wisconsin Chapter Andy Miller NA Region 2
Central Virginia Chapter Angela Edwards NA Region 5
Phoenix Chapter Angela Jackson NA Region 7
Dominican Republic Chapter Angela Maria Mendez LA Region 13
Coastal Bend Chapter Angie Gamez NA Region 6
Rome Italy Chapter Anna Maria Felici EMEA Region 8
Switzerland Chapter Antonia Manicini Van der Holst EMEA Region 8
Indonesia Chapter Arisman Indrawan AP Region 15
Colombo Sri Lanka Chapter Aruna Kooragamage AP Region 11
Austin Chapter Bala Beddhannan NA Region 6
Central Mass Chapter Barb Karten NA Region 3
Parana Brazil Chapter Beatriz Valladao de Barros Bandeira LA Region 13
Montreal Chapter Benoit Lalonde NA Region 3
Memphis Chapter Beth Tanner NA Region 14
Nova Scotia Chapter Bev Easton NA Region 3
Southern Maryland Chapter Bob Boyd NA Region 5
Alaska Chapter Bob Bulger NA Region 1
Space Coast Florida Chapter Brian Finegan NA Region 14
New York City Chapter Bruce Vapnitsky NA Region 4
Senegal Potential Chapter Calvin Valery Nkouendjin EMEA Region 16
Central Arkansas Chapter Carla Guiden-Owens NA Region 6
Bahia Brazil Chapter Carlos Neves LA Region 13
Singapore Chapter Chim-Hock See AP Region 15
France Chapter Christian-Jacques Bonetto EMEA Region 8
Fort Worth Chapter Cindy VanderSleen NA Region 6
Los Angeles Chapter Clora Ferguson NA Region 7
Southern Caribbean Chapter Colvin Peters NA Region 14
Austria Chapter Daniel Hending EMEA Region 8
California Inland Empire Chapter Dave Cline NA Region 7
Northern Alberta Chapter David Prenoslo NA Region 1
Houston Chapter David Thomas NA Region 6
Chicagoland Chapter Dayle Beyer NA Region 2
Hudson Valley Chapter Debbie Ardizone NA Region 4
Pikes Peak Chapter Diana Graski NA Region 6
Sacramento Valley Chapter Dilky Bruggeman NA Region 7
South Africa Chapter Dominique Mulholland EMEA Region 16
Mount Baker Washington Chapter Doug Bestle NA Region 1
Chattanooga Chapter Doug Brown NA Region 14
Kentuckiana Chapter Ed Rosenberg NA Region 5
Guadalajara Mexico Chapter Edgar Polanco LA Region 13
Cameroon Chapter Edith Laure Nkounchie Feugaing EMEA Region 16
Rio de Janeiro Chapter Edmilson Oliveira LA Region 13
Barcelona Spain Chapter Elisabet Duocastella i Pla EMEA Region 8
Long Island Chapter Ella Ponsford NA Region 4
West Virginia-Ohio Valley Chapter Eric Kirkland NA Region 5
Puebla Mexico Chapter Eric Montero Perez LA Region 13
Malaysia Chapter Eva Smith AP Region 15
Egypt Potential Chapter Fady Ramzy EMEA Region 16
Sweden Chapter Fairooz Tamimi EMEA Region 8
Lima Chapter Felipe Melendez LA Region 13
Madrid Spain Chapter Fernando Ley EMEA Region 8
Sinaloa Mexico Chapter Francisco Herrera LA Region 13
Minnesota Chapter Fred Herron NA Region 2
Augusta Aiken Chapter Frederick Griffin NA Region 14
Netherlands Chapter Ger van der Geld EMEA Region 8
Northern Italy Chapter Giorgio Bensa EMEA Region 8
Southern Italy Chapter Giuseppe Cocozza EMEA Region 8
Eastern Idaho Chapter Glenda Arave NA Region 1
Montevideo Uruguay Chapter Gloria Folle LA Region 13
Jordan Chapter Hazem Zeitoun EMEA Region 12
LaCrosse Wisconsin Chapter Heather Kujak-Coon NA Region 2
Munich Chapter Herbert Gonder EMEA Region 8
Valencia Spain Chapter Inmaculada Bordera EMEA Region 8
Columbus GA Chapter Irene Hall NA Region 14
Portugal Chapter Isabelina Jorge EMEA Region 8
Pittsburgh Chapter Isabelle Zacharias NA Region 4
Mato Grosso Brazil Chapter Ismael Antonio Cantarella NA Region 14
Vancouver Island Chapter Ivan Rincon NA Region 1
Ireland Chapter Jackie Glynn EMEA Region 8
Belgium Chapter Jacques Neyns EMEA Region 8
Delaware Valley Chapter James Snyder NA Region 4
Southern Region Peru Chapter Javier Gamero LA Region 13
Pune-Deccan Chapter Jay Dholakia AP Region 11
Northern Utah Chapter Jeff Howcroft NA Region 1
New Jersey Chapter Jeff Spitzer NA Region 4
Serbia Chapter Jelena Vojvodic EMEA Region 8
Southern Alberta Chapter Jerry Crawford NA Region 1
California Central Valley Chapter Jerry Dickerson NA Region 7
Puerto Rico Chapter Jessica Gonzalez-Solis LA Region 13
Buffalo New York Chapter JoAnn Boehm NA Region 4
Nuevo Cuyo Argentina Chapter Joaquin De Rosas LA Region 13
San Diego Chapter Joe Drammissi NA Region 7
Maine Chapter Joe Gworzdz NA Region 3
Montgomery Chapter Joe Terranova NA Region 14
Baltimore Chapter John Kos NA Region 5
Nuevo Cuyo Argentina Chapter Juan Olascoaga LA Region 13
Uganda Chapter Jude Clement Kidega EMEA Region 16
Rochester Chapter Julia Cline Armstrong NA Region 4
Czech Republic Chapter Kateřina Treppeschová EMEA Region 8
Mass Bay Chapter Kelly O'Boyle NA Region 3
Hampton Roads Chapter Ken Halloway NA Region 5
Alamo Chapter Kimberly Bilica NA Region 6
Central Ohio Chapter Kiran Govindaraju NA Region 4
Orange County Chapter Kristine Hayes Munson NA Region 7
South Korea Chapter Kwang Ho Choi AP Region 9
Honolulu Chapter Larry Rowland NA Region 7
Willamette Valley Chapter Leona Prociw NA Region 1
Atlanta Chapter Lisa Bronson NA Region 14
Quad Cities Chapter Lori Brown NA Region 2
Sydney Chapter Louis Taborda AP Region 10
Venezuela Chapter Marcelino Diez LA Region 13
Zagreb Croatia Chapter Marija Bajica EMEA Region 8
Central Florida Chapter Mark Crandall NA Region 14
Central Iowa Chapter Mark Havlicek NA Region 2
Madison South Central Wisconsin Chapter Mark Walsh NA Region 2
Southwest Virginia Chapter Marlene Wray NA Region 5
Paraguay Chapter Marta Cardenas LA Region 13
Upstate New York Chapter Mary Beth Imbarrato NA Region 4
Westchester NY Chapter Michael Byrnes NA Region 4
Slovakia Chapter Michal Ohrablo EMEA Region 8
Washington DC Chapter Mike Hannan NA Region 5
Minas Gerais Brazil Chapter Moises Luna Brandao LA Region 13
Central Alabama Chapter Monica Page NA Region 14
Ghana Chapter Moses Allison Tetteh EMEA Region 16
Northeast Ohio Chapter Mrunalini Rao NA Region 4
Karachi Pakistan Chapter Muhammad Mirza AP Region 11
Central Mississippi Chapter Myesha Andrews NA Region 6
Keystone Chapter Myles Miller NA Region 4
Kansas City Mid America Chapter Nancy Peterson NA Region 6
Turkey Chapter Nejat Murat Erkan EMEA Region 8
Rio Grande Chapter Nicolette Bauer NA Region 7
Western Idaho Chapter Nola Walker NA Region 1
Cajamarca Peru Chapter Oscar Zocon Alva LA Region 13
Norway Chapter Oyvind Johnsen EMEA Region 8
Southwest Missouri Chapter Pamela Abdon NA Region 6
Chennai Chapter Parvez Alam AP Region 11
Portland Chapter Peter Sternkopf NA Region 1
Puget Sound Chapter Pradeep Singh NA Region 1
New Hampshire Chapter Raj Vayyavur NA Region 3
Mexico Chapter Raymundo Sanchez Tico LA Region 13
Central Indiana Chapter Reprakash Ram NA Region 2
Otowi Bridge Chapter Rey Gonzales NA Region 7
Recife-Pernambuco Brazil Chapter Ricardo Barros LA Region 13
Kenya Chapter Richard Magu EMEA Region 16
Metrolina Chapter Richard Rodberg NA Region 5
Tallahassee Florida Chapter Richard Wilson NA Region 14
Trivandrum Chapter Rinosh Kurian AP Region 11
Silver Spring Chapter Robert Corbitt, Jr. NA Region 5
El Salvador Potential Chapter Roberto Huezo LA Region 13
Sao Paulo Chapter Rodrigo Silva LA Region 13
Guatemala Chapter Rodrigo Urizar LA Region 13
Great Lakes Chapter Rose Mary Tyler NA Region 4
Nicaragua Potential Chapter Sandra Maria Rosales Barberena LA Region 13
West Texas Chapter Sandy Williams NA Region 6
South Western Ontario Chapter Scott Kerr NA Region 3
Olympia Chapter Sharon Sikes NA Region 1
Kazakhstan Potential Chapter Srinivas Maram EMEA Region 8
Heartland Chapter Steph Trudell NA Region 2
Ocean State Chapter Steve Money NA Region 3
Northern Nevada Chapter Sue Churchill NA Region 7
Dallas Chapter Talibah Adenouga NA Region 6
Metropolitan St Louis Chapter Terry Bullock NA Region 6
Erie Chapter Tesha Nesbit Arrington NA Region 4
Sergipe Brazil Chapter Thiago Caetano Medeiros da Silva LA Region 13
Costa Rica Chapter Tiky Morales LA Region 13
Nigeria Chapter Titilola Park EMEA Region 16
Pearl City Hyderabad Chapter Venkata Chirla AP Region 11
Israel Chapter Vered Holzmann EMEA Region 8
Buenos Aires Argentina Chapter Veronica Sala LA Region 13
Bangalore India Chapter Vijay Paul AP Region 11
Rio Grande Do Sul Chapter Vitor Hugo Hoffmann Da Costa LA Region 13
Lebanon Chapter Walid Fenianos EMEA Region 12
Wine Country Chapter Walter Olson NA Region 7
Clear Lake Galveston Chapter Walter Viali NA Region 6
East Tennessee Chapter Wendy Warren NA Region 14
Joinville Santa Catarina Chapter William Peccin LA Region 13
Ecuador Chapter Ximena Aguirre NA Region 14
Santa Cruz Bolivia Potential Chapter Ximena Machicao Vargas LA Region 13
Santiago Chile Chapter Yezid Chelech LA Region 13