Scholarships, Awards & Grants

Each year PMIEF provides over 100 scholarships, awards and grants.

PMIEF administers donor-funded scholarships and awards to support college and graduate students’ project management related studies. Teachers, nonprofit personnel and project management practitioners are also eligible to receive professional development and training scholarships.

PMIEF awards grants to schools, non-profit, and non-governmental organizations to develop and implement innovative programs that leverage project management to support building a better prepared society, a better prepared workforce and a better response in future times of need.

Applications for all scholarships, awards and grants are submitted online via Volunteers review and select scholarship and award recipients. Members of the PMIEF Board of Directors review and select grant recipients.

Project Management Related Educational Resources

PMIEF develops and disseminates no-cost, comprehensive project management educational resource materials in print and online. These materials further promote an understanding and application of project management concepts, theories and skills worldwide with a focus on materials for primary and secondary school students.

Teachers, students and professionals utilize these resource materials. PMI Chapters and Communities of Practice also use the resource materials to help deliver project management training and education to a broad spectrum of audiences.

Resource material users often repurpose them (e.g., either through additions or localization of the materials through translation) to more specifically meet the needs of their audience. Additionally, PMI Chapters may create their own materials. If appropriate, these new and revised resource materials are made available for download via

All educational resources are available at no-cost for non-commercial use.

Advisement & Facilitation

As an advisor and facilitator of project management knowledge and application, PMIEF:

  • Serves as a conduit to connect project management communities with organizations and individuals that need project management-related education, assistance and guidance either by responding to a request or identifying an organization (e.g., “A relief organization in Haiti needs on-the-ground project management training; who do we know who can provide it?”).
  • Coaches and mentors individuals and organizations on how to best bring project management education to their constituencies (e.g., “I want to take the concept of project management training for kids to my local school; how should I do that?”)
  • Provides support and guidance in response to questions about PMIEF educational resources, including their content and suggested application.