New Youth Project Management book launches on Valentine’s Day

We at PMIEF are excited for the upcoming release of the fourth installment in a series of Project Management (PM) fiction books for youth ages 10-12. The latest story, titled The Valentine’s Day Project Disaster, picks up where the previous books left off. This issue centers around the “Project Kids” and their efforts, and struggles, to organize a Valentine’s Day dance.

The book becomes available for download on Smashwords on February 14th. By using an exclusive PMIEF promotional code, you can download the book for free and share with your students or children. If you haven’t already, you can download the other books as well. The books are currently being translated into Portuguese by PMIEF volunteers.

The books were written by former PMI New Zealand chapter leader and PMIEF donor Gary Nelson. An IT project manager by trade, Gary has found a passion in teaching others about PM. The Project Kids book series was born when Gary recognized the value of incorporating project management skills into life “projects.” “Whether you’re a kid or an adult,” Gary shared, “having the diligence to think about a task as a project is a huge help.” Gary tested the books on his own children, who gave great, at times challenging, feedback throughout the development process.  

According to Gary, introducing youth to project management in a fun, non-threatening way gives complex concepts a chance to “stick.” The books give young readers an opportunity to see project management applied to real and relatable situations.  For example, Gary features a story arch around school bullying, something all students have experienced in one way or another. Learning about PM through stories is less formulaic, yet effective for building skills. As each story unfolds and the Project Kids achieve new feats and build relationships, more and more project management principles are introduced. Gary understands, “[project management] is not just a commercial skill or a single skill, it’s a range of life skills.. and a little planning goes a long way.”

You can find out more about Gary’s PM guides at GazzaGuides and download the other PM books for youth here.

Gary Nelson at a library reading of one of his Project Kids Adventure books to children in Hamilton, New Zealand.